Electrical Maintenance and Upgrade

This is another area of high expertise; with extensive knowledge and foresight we can maintain and improve all electrical systems. We have consistently worked with clients, management companies, Facilities management, builders and other trades to bring installations in poor or unmaintained states up to current electrical standards. We also improve the overall aesthetics of the building and reduce ongoing maintenance costs incurred previously by installing new technology or better quality of product. Many installations have been left for years, with different electricians coming in and patching up here and there. The system becomes complicated and components start fail with regularity.

We work best once we know the site and types of potential problems it could incur; we can then implement planned and preventative maintenance works and then offer serviced contract works to ensure continued operation. We like to build a good relationship with everyone involved in the process as this will always achieve the best results. You will find us professional to work with throughout. Maintenance and upgrade services work well when taken up with emergency lighting inspections and/or fire alarm inspections as we can package together to reduce costs.

We can tailor maintenance packages to suit all needs, so if you think your electrical system is in poor condition, is not operating correctly, you have high bills or simply are unsure about the system and want some advice, please get in touch.

Overview of Electrical Maintenance and Upgrade works –

  • Improvement of systems to reduce maintenance and electrical consumption.
  • Upgrade of lighting systems to improve switching and move to LED.
  • Fault finding and rectification of on going and new faults.
  • Installation of new circuits to existing installations to upgrade and improve the services to the building.
  • Planned and preventative maintenance works.
  • Reactive maintenance works.
  • Scheduling and management of maintenance works and attendances.
  • Contract or pay as you go options.

Types of buildings we undertake Electrical Maintenance and Upgrade works on –

  • Landlord demise of blocks of flats – our speciality
  • Flats/Houses.
  • Offices of all sizes.
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Bars/pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • shops
  • Nursery

    All our Maintenance and Upgrade works comply with BS7671-18th edition.