Emergency Lighting

We are experts within this field and have installed, Maintained and consulted on literally thousands of installations. All commercial buildings have a legal responsibility to ensure there emergency lighting system is in good working order, tested and maintained to ensure correct operation.

We can install an emergency lighting system by wiring new circuits back to distribution boards or we can utilise existing wiring to install new fittings with emergency lighting. The emergency lighting works by having a battery which is constantly charged by a permanent electrical supply. Once this permanent supply fails due to a power cut or fire. The battery kicks in immediately and Light is operated in emergency mode. Most batteries and systems are designed to last for 3 hours, so the building can be safely evacuated.

Existing and new systems must be inspected a minimum of once every 12 months, to ensure the system is in good working order (a legal requirement). Although most health and safety consultants now recommend a bi-annual inspection as a year is a very long time and the batteries can fail as they only have a four year shelf life and are sensitive to hot and cold. We can diarize your inspections, undertake your inspection, advise and complete any remedial works required.

Overview of our Emergency lighting services –

  • Installation of new emergency lighting system with new cabling back to distribution boards.
  • Installation of new emergency lighting, utilizing existing cabling.
  • Upgrade of existing emergency lighting due to failure or simply to move over to LED.
  • Completion of annual, bi-annual and Monthly emergency lighting inspections and test.
  • Inspection reports issued upon completion, a legal document.
  • Scheduling of inspections and tests.
  • Remedial works to bring systems up to standard.
  • Consultation and advice.
  • CAD drawings of new or existing systems.
  • Can be completed alongside Fire alarm inspections.

Types of buildings that we work on –

  • Landlord demise of blocks of flats – our speciality.
  • Offices of all sizes.
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Bars/Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Shops
  • Nursery
  • All our emergency lighting works comply with 5266-2016.