Fire Alarm

We Install, Maintain and test fire alarm systems of all grades and types. From larger systems with a large block of flats incorporating car parks, plant rooms, and offices to a 3 bed semi detached house.

From complicated addressable systems to more routine conventional systems and the simple 230v domestic systems. We have it covered. We can work in hours or out of hours to suit all client needs.

We are not restricted to one brand of detection system. We have experience with the industry’s strongest suppliers of fire alarm equipment.

We have always installed fire alarms systems alongside our 230v electrical installations and now complete the six month requirement of service inspections alongside the emergency lighting. Keeping your building safe and sound. This is a legal requirement, of which we will schedule on your behalf. Taking the worry off your shoulders and giving you one less job to do. Upon completion of service inspection, a full report will be issued along with any remedial works required.

Overview of our Fire Alarm Services –

  • Installation of new Addressable systems.
  • Installation of new Conventional systems.
  • Installation of new 230v systems.
  • Installation of new Smoke Ventilation systems.
  • Service inspections and maintenance of addressable systems.
  • Service inspections and maintenance of Conventional systems.
  • Service inspections and maintenance of 230v systems.
  • Service inspections and maintenance of Smoke Ventilation systems.
  • Inspection reports issued upon completion, a legal document.
  • Scheduling of inspections and tests.
  • Remedial works to bring systems up to standard.
  • Consultation and advice.
  • CAD drawings of new or existing systems.
  • Can be completed alongside emergency lighting inspections.

Types of buildings that we work on –

  • Landlord demise of blocks of flats – our speciality.
  • Flats/Houses.
  • Offices of all sizes.
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Bars/pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • shops
  • Nursery
    • All our fire alarm works comply with BS5389.